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Corpotare Profile of Sagufta

SAGUFTA GROUP of companies started off as Real Estate ventures known as “SAGUFTA” under the auspices of the Group’s first concern the Sagufta N M Housing Ltd. Sagufta City Developers Ltd is another one of the first Apartment Development Company of the Group’s. These projects are going on very successfully and have helped to promote the growth of trust and confidence of the urban people in “SAGUFTA” Dhaka city’s promising population, combined with an evidently unhurried growth of housing lead to the milestone achievement of “SAGUFTA”.
Driven by the ramification of this success “SAGUFTA” expands in new sector including
  • Sagufta Aesthete Ltd.
  • Sagufta N M Housing Ltd.
  • Sagufta City Developers Ltd.
  • Sagufta N M Traders Ltd.
  • Sagufta Food & Beverage Ltd.
  • Sagufta Bricks Ltd.
  • Sagufta Communication Ltd.
  • Sagufta Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.
The Group has come a long way in reaching these goals by listening to client requirements learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating and partnering through major investment undertakings SAGUFTA meaningfully contributed to the economy’s stability in financial and capital markets. Undertaking all of the Group’s activities are the common threads of change, flexibility and fostering closer ties with the Government, the city Corporation and our clients. Most of its projects have been successive stories this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in the Group’s future.
At the Group’s disposal there is now a strong work force with proven professional and technological skills that are well geared to take on the challenges of the new millennium under demanding technical, economical and environmental circumstances.